Email Security

Identify and Secure Email and Attachments in Microsoft Outlook

Customizable Data Security Options
for Sharing Sensitive Information

Email is a staple communication for most businesses, increasing efficiency, productivity, and business readiness. But when security measures complicate the process of sending a message, users are tempted to find workarounds, leaving businesses at risk of releasing sensitive information unchecked via email. Securing email communication by discovering and protecting the sensitive data it contains is a critical component of any complete data protection strategy.

PKWARE’s Microsoft Outlook add-in, PK Secure Email, leverages proven discovery capabilities to identify the existence of sensitive information in subject lines, message bodies, and attachments. It then enforces protection such as encryption, redaction, or blocking the message from being sent.

As many as 73% of breaches are caused by human mistake such as sending sensitive
information to the wrong recipient or failing to use encryption when necessary.

Fully Customizable Protection

Policy-Based Controls
PK Secure Email uses policy-based controls to establish varying level of security without impacting sender or recipient workflows.

Automate Protection
PK Secure Email can look for sensitive information and if detected, automatically execute the designated protection without involving the end user.

Align Protection Strategies
Customized workflows align protection strategies with organizational policies based on users, groups, internal/external communication, and more.

Informative Prompts
Alternately, prompted protection allows the end user to select from a pre-defined collection of protection options any time sensitive information is detected.

Fast and Secure Options for Sending Sensitive Information

PK Secure Email further advances PKWARE’s ongoing support of Microsoft technologies. In addition to rapid discovery and remediation that includes blocking, warning, encryption, redaction, and sending to a secure mail gateway, PK Secure Email is designed to be compatible with upcoming Outlook releases and is available for both Windows and macOS.

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