Add Cataloging Support for Unstructured and Cloud Repositories

The world is more data-driven than ever. Data is constantly being created, leaving organizations with the responsibility to properly store and manage information that could be considered sensitive or private. Data cataloging with Collibra functions as a vital part of data governance, collecting metadata around an organization’s data repositories to manage, inventory, and search for data as required by business need.

Creating a more robust process to address data governance needs often requires more than a single solution can provide. Combining PK Protect with Collibra’s Data Governance Center provides access to review reports specifically targeted to PII exposure right within data catalogs.

The data governance market is expected to grow
22%+ annually to over $5 billion by 2025.

Understand Your True Risk

Identify Sensitive Data within Assets

PK Discovery removes the need for manual review, augmenting classification and cataloging with automatic and ongoing deep dive data discovery.

Enhanced PII Discovery

Policies available out of the box for GDPR, PCI DSS, PHI, and more. Or, easily create custom sensitive types.

Uncover the Right Information Every Time

PKWARE’s due diligence ensures that both false positives and false negatives are eliminated from all discovery results.

Accurate Reports on Identified Risk

Imported metadata in Collibra reports allows governance teams the ability to confidently assess exposure.

Protect Found Risk

PKWARE provides Collibra clients with the ability to mask and/or encrypt private and sensitive information that needs to be de-identified within a single-pane process.

Accurately Gauge Risk

Apply risk assessment scores based on the types of sensitive data reported.

Tell the Whole Story

Both Collibra and PK Discovery contribute to data governance automation, with accurate discovery results automatically populated in Collibra cataloging information.

Data Discover Technology That Complements Collibra

The PK Protect platform looks at assets from a different perspective, searching for what the asset contains at the record level and providing access to review reports specifically targeted to risk exposure right within data catalogs.

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