Mergers and Acquisitions

Incorporating Data Compliance

For many businesses, growth strategies include the opportunity for mergers and acquisitions. Smart acquisitions planning already determines fit and alignment with the parent company’s goals. But now liability for owning personally identifiable information and sensitive data is an emerging factor that M&A activity must accommodate.

Gain Optics into Data Sensitivity

Uncover Hidden Data

Automated discovery makes it possible to understand what sensitive data a potential acquisition has and where it is stored.

Scale to the Data

Scan multiple terabytes of data, structured and unstructured, both on-premises and in the Cloud.

Pre-Merger and Migration Scans

Understand what sensitive data a company has pre-acquisition and/or move it to ensure that only the data you intend in the format you intend it is moved.

Integrate with Remediation

PKWARE solutions include capabilities that can encrypt, mask, redact, or otherwise remediate any sensitive information that is uncovered.

Post-Migration Guarantee

Once data has been moved, a second scan can tell you exactly where everything is in the new environment for added audit protection.

Extensive Platform Support

PKWARE can scan data on multiple different systems, including file shares, databases, the cloud, endpoints, and more to discover where sensitive data may be stored for each organization involved.

Clear Insights into Data

In any M&A deal, personal and sensitive data must be audited and reported on to understand any risks involved with owning this new data. PKWARE’s solutions help discover data and migrate it to centralized systems and platforms post-acquisition.

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