Cloud Migration

Upholding Shared Security Models

The cloud provides a secure infrastructure, but what the users do with their data inside the Cloud is their own responsibility. This means that data within the Cloud left unprotected risks being stolen or misused by an unauthorized actor. Legal guidelines also dictate exactly what data can and cannot be moved from an organization’s on-premises environment to the Cloud.

Every migration includes regulatory indicators to sort through, whether it’s ensuring that sensitive data isn’t stored openly on the Cloud, or protecting data in data centers located in different geographies.

Additionally, while some organizations may choose to relocate all computing assets to a cloud, in many cases, some applications and services still remain on-premise. Organizations may also choose to use several clouds, both public and private, in a hybrid cloud environment that also includes on-premise computing assets.

Automatically Scan and Act on Migrations

Pre-Migration Scans

Know what you have before you move it to ensure that only the data you intend in the format you intend it is moved.

Data Modernization Capabilities

PKWARE solutions also support on-premises moves from one repository to another as part of data modernization for infrastructure needs.

Post-Migration Guarantee

Once data has been moved, a second scan can tell you exactly where everything is in the new environment for added audit protection.

Speed and Accuracy

Maintain an ongoing scan for data migration to the Cloud or another database with the ability to scan and move files either on-demand or as part of a constant pipeline.

Scale to the Data

Scan multiple terabytes of data, structured and unstructured, both on-premises and in the Cloud during the migration process.

Extensive Connection

PK Protect scans data on Oracle, Redshift, file shares, S3, AWS, and more, including laptops and other endpoints where data may be stored.

Protect Data for the Move

Scan through all legacy data sources and create actionable insights to calculate the risk of migration, then enforce controls and remediation that will mitigate the risk prior to moving the data. With clear insights into the sensitivity of the data, PKWARE solutions automatically remediate sensitive data per established policies.

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