Protect Against Internal and External Threats

IBM’s Power Systems remain an essential part of many organizations’ IT infrastructures, supporting hybrid cloud management, database management, ERP activities, and other foundational business functions. While native encryption provides some measure of protection for data while it resides within the Power System and IBM i environment, these solutions can leave security gaps when data is copied or moved to another system or location.

Ever second, 8.18 million security events are handled by IBM products.

Streamline and Automate Data Protection

Ongoing Protection

Our persistent encryption exploits the FIPS-140 validated PCIe Crypto Coprocessor, keeping data safe from theft or misuse even when it leaves the Power System.

Reduce PF-SRC, PF-DTA, SAVF, IFS *STRMF, IFS *DIR, and SPLF File Sizes

Industry-leading compression technology reduces IBM i data by up to 95 percent before encrypting.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

PK Protect for use with IBM i employs both OpenPGP and X.509 PKI, allowing for the use of the most trusted Public Key Infrastructures available today.

Move Directly to Tape

With the 1Step2Tape feature, PK Protect for use with IBM i can create and read archive files directly to and from tape, eliminating the need to provide disk space for temporary archive files that must then be copied to tape.

Suite B Cryptographic Algorithms

Enable both SECRET and TOP SECRET classification to comply with National Institute of Standards and Technology requirements.

Reduce Save Operations

Execute multiple save operations with one compression and encryption run, making it unnecessary to run multiple individual save commands.

Data Security Solutions for Use with IBM i

PK Protect for use with IBM i is the only data protection solution that applies persistent encryption to information on IBM i, securing data against unauthorized access no matter where it is stored or shared.

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