Data Protection for Microsoft

Numerous organizations worldwide use Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), Microsoft’s security suite for finding and protecting data. MIP offers obvious benefits, as it integrates foundational security capabilities across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Microsoft holds 43% of the global operating systems market; approximately 1.4 billion people and businesses use Microsoft services or products.

Data Security Technology that Complements MIP

Complete Data Visibility

Surgically discover data in supported and non-supported Microsoft environments on big data repositories, databases, file servers, cloud shares, and endpoints

Customizable Classification

Create custom user experiences for optimal classification selection options that provide complex classification scenarios beyond the support of MIP

Expand MIP Labeling and Protection

PKWARE’s discovery applies MIP labeling and protection to files outside the reach of Microsoft’s ecosystem from cloud shares to endpoints

Hold Your Own Key

Utilize PKWARE to hold your own keys for encryption for Microsoft’s double key encryption or use PKWARE’s in-house encryption capabilities to better secure files and emails

File and Email Redaction

Automatically redact and remove sensitive information from emails and files without having to restrict user access with encryption

Multi-Platform Support

Broaden applicability and use of MIP across the organization with support for both Windows and macOS

Manage User Access

Leverage Azure AD to ensure only authenticated administrators can access the platform to create policies for sensitive data

Extend Security

Many organizations also rely on non-Microsoft systems, storage, and platforms, which could leave gaps in the discovery and protection of sensitive data. These organizations often choose to add complementary technology that further extends security. PKWARE’s data security platform provides the capabilities that organizations need to create an enterprise-wide protection solution that can further drive and enhance MIP programs.

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