PK Protect for Use with z/OS

With as much as 80 percent of the world’s data processed on mainframes, the IBM z/OS platform is an essential part of over 70 percent of the Fortune 500’s IT infrastructure strategies.

IBM mainframes handle approximately
90% of credit card transactions.

Advanced Capabilities for IBM Z Hardware and z/OS

Ongoing Protection

While IBM Z may be the most secure platform available, data never rests or stays in once place. PK Protect’s persistent encryption keeps data safe from theft or misuse even when it leaves IBM Z.

zEDC Support

Offload software data compression processing to the zEDC to reduce demands on other system resources.

Smaller File Size

From the inventors of the ZIP file format and enterprise-grade data compression, our industry-best technology compresses files, reducing them as much as 95 percent.

HSM Integration

Synchronize symmetric and asymmetric keys with internal and external HSMs.

zIIP Support

Z Integrated Information Processor for fewer GP cycles.

Application Layer Encryption

Programmatically apply Field Level Encryption within application buffers with the PKZAPIO.

Improve z/OS Functionality

While IBM’s Pervasive Encryption® provides good protection for the data at rest, security gaps can emerge when the data is copied or moved to another system or location. PK Protect for use with z/OS works with and extends that protection, regardless of the target platform, keeping sensitive data persistently private and secure.

PK Protect for use with z/OS features support for the latest IBM Z and z/OS, cashing in on improved DFSMS Cloud management, z/ACS, z/OSMF, and enhanced symbiosis with IBM Pervasive Encryption®.

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