Protect and Exchange Intellectual
Property in Manufacturing

Security without Disruption

In an increasingly competitive business environment, information is a manufacturer’s most important asset. From product designs to financial data to customer lists, businesses must protect their critical information from threats at home and abroad. The loss of unprotected data can cost a manufacturer its competitive edge and create problems that take years to repair.

Manufacturers of all sizes are going digital, yet smaller manufacturers are more likely to be targeted because they are viewed as easy entry points into larger manufacturing chains. It’s time to make cybersecurity part of the manufacturing organization culture, instead of relegating it to an IT issue.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, manufacturing is one of 55 national critical functions at the highest risk for cyberattacks in the US.

PK Protect for Manufacturing

Internal Threats

Manufacturing firms must manage threats from current or former employees and partners with privileged access to proprietary information.

Create A Standardized Approach

PKWARE’s solutions can apply designated encryption and classification to specified data, no matter where it is found or where it goes, all across the company and even to partners and third parties.

Complex Supply Chains

Increasingly interconnected supply chains create more network edges that expose all parties to the deficiencies of the weakest link.

Continuous Protection

With PKWARE’s automated data security solutions, manufacturers can be confident that they have security technology that meets their needs, even as those needs evolve.

Response and Recovery

Attacks are inevitable; manufacturers need a documented response and recovery plan to counteract the effects.

Find It to Secure It

PK Protect locates every place proprietary data is stored to help organizations maintain visibility and control over data.

Security for a Competitive Environment

TISAX is a good indicator of standard regulations and other mandates for manufacturing information security that other manufacturing industries may need to address in the near future. PK Protect builds the security that your organization needs for today’s compliance requirements and tomorrow’s security needs.

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