File Security and Compression Software for Mac®

SecureZIP® is now available for Mac, combining the world’s most interoperable data compression format with strong encryption to deliver a data-centric security solution for Mac users. SecureZIP is the long-trusted security and compression solution from PKWARE, the inventors of the ZIP compressed file format available on every mainframe, server, PC, laptop and smartphone. Now, Mac users can harness SecureZIP to address daily data security challenges, such as protecting sensitive intellectual property, meeting compliance requirements and reducing overall costs and operational overhead. Move files between enterprise drives, your Mac, your phone, or the cloud quickly, efficiently and confidently — knowing your sensitive data is protected with enterprise-grade security. Zip and unzip files instantly with no disruption to your workflow. SecureZIP for Mac is delivered as a .DMG file. Supported versions of Apple Mac OS X include Mavericks.

SecureZIP for Mac Features

  • Zip and unzip compressed files from any ZIP-compatible application or platform.
  • Protect files with AES 256-bit, passphrase-based encryption.
  • Simple operation works from menus, Finder or Desktop.
  • Decrypt sensitive files from anyone.
  • Uses FIPS 140-2 validated encryption libraries to satisfy government secure sharing requirements.
  • Enterprise Policy files for assured access to encrypted files with contingency key.
  • Open TAR, BZIP2, RAR, GZIP, LZH, 7z, ARJ, .Z, BinHex and UU/XXencoded archive formats.
  • Extend security to mobile devices.
  • Decrypts files with passphrase, digital certificate (PKI), or both.
  • Portability for ZIP files across all major enterprise computing platforms.
  • Compress and encrypt large files.
  • Provides lossless compression.

Performance Improvements and a Streamlined Transition Away
from McAfee E-Business Server

SecureZIP eBusiness Edition provides upgraded performance, reduced processing times and expanded capabilities for organizations as they transition away from McAfee’s E-Business Server. SecureZIP eBusiness Edition is a straightforward, drop-in replacement for McAfee E-Business Server. SecureZIP eBusiness Edition is the only replacement that provides a range of options for data-centric security and native use on various mainframe and server environments.

SecureZIP eBusiness Edition Features

  • Compared with McAfee E-Business Server, SecureZIP eBusiness Edition software enables: 73% faster elapsed encryption time and 82% faster elapsed decryption time as well as 92% less CPU encryption time and 73% less CPU decryption time*
  • Complements existing security investments: Can be used with passphrase, public/private key or OpenPGP encryption, as well as digital signatures
  • OpenPGP support: Easily share data with business partners regardless of the partners' data security preference or computing platform
  • Create PGP keys: Make OpenPGP keys using a Java application
  • Exchanges files with other platforms without disrupting existing processes: Streamlines the EBCDIC/ASCII conversion process
  • Includes digital signing/authentication capabilities
  • Passphrase-based strong encryption: Uses 3DES or AES (128-, 192-, or 256-bit) algorithms to encrypt and protect your data
  • Application Integration: Decrypt data and stream it directly to the application without staging decrypted data to disk. After the application completes processing, it streams the data to SecureZIP eBusiness Edition for encryption - once again, unprotected data is never staged to disk
  • Maintains control of data: Contingency key provides administrative access to any processed data
  • System integration: Directly write to, and read from, UNIX/Linux and Windows file systems
  • zIIP support: Offload processing to IBM z Integrated Information Processors (zIIP) to free up general computing capacity and lower overall total cost of computing for select workloads
  • Works across all major enterprise computing platforms: Interoperability with IBM® System i ®, UNIX®/Linux® and Windows® servers, and Windows desktops ensures files can be shared across diverse environments
  • Reduce file size up to 95% ZIP compression allows you to reduce file size up to 95%, saving time and valuable system resources

Migrating from McAfee E-Business Server to SecureZIP eBusiness Edition is easy.

  • No software changes are required for your partners/customers
  • Make and manage OpenPGP keys and keyring files
  • Encrypt, decrypt and sign using the OpenPGP format, just like McAfee E-Business Server
  • Use existing keyrings that were used with McAfee E-Business Server

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*Comparison performed on IBM zEEC12 model 708 with 2 zIIP engines running SecureZIP for z/OS v15 and McAfee E-Business Server for z/OS v7.5 on a 2GB binary file.

SecureZIP for DLP Technical Specifications

Encryption Methods X.509 Public Key Encryption
PKI Digital Certificates x.509 v3
Certificate and Key Formats Supported PKCS#7
FIPS 140 Mode Yes
Key Stores Supported Active Directory
Contingency Key Yes
Encryption Algorithms AES (256, 192 and 128 bit keys)
3DES (168 bit key)
Public Key Algorithms RSA (1024, 2048 and 4096 bits)
Leave Marker File Yes
Customize Marker File Text Yes
Encrypt for Managers Yes
Compression Algorithms Deflate
Compress files > 4GB
Supported File Creation types ZIP
Operating System Requirements Windows 2008 Server
Windows 2003 Server
Java Requirements Java 6 or higher
Symantec DLP 11.1 or higher
Memory Requirements 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
Disk Requirements 15 MB available disk space on 32-bit Operating Systems

Mobile ZIP Software

SecureZIP Reader extends the security of the PKWARE SecureZIP Solution to mobile devices. Using SecureZIP Reader, mobile users can read ZIP files that are strongly encrypted with both passphrases and x.509 digital certificates.

SecureZIP Reader Features

  • Open ZIP files: Open zip files, even ones that have been strongly encrypted
  • Archive list: Easily access zip files maintained in the Archive List
  • Preview files*:Preview the contents of files
  • Send via email*
  • Open in associated app: Use 'Open In' to view files in an associated app
  • View file/archive details: View file and/or archive details
  • File explorer**

*iOS only
**Android Only

SecureZIP for DLP

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions find files and documents that do not conform to the appropriate use requirements of data protection policy. Content-aware capabilities offer precise inspections to locate data in violation and identify information that must be protected. The SecureZIP for DLP encryption process guarantees protection of these sensitive files while at rest and ensures unprotected content is no longer exposed. Once DLP software alerts a file at risk, SecureZIP for DLP can encrypt the file and only after encryption, the unprotected file will be replaced with a SecureZIP file. The original file will be removed to ensure that unprotected content is no longer exposed.

The SecureZIP for DLP encryption process guarantees protection of these sensitive files while at rest and ensures unprotected content is no longer exposed. Once DLP software alerts a file at risk, SecureZIP for DLP can encrypt the file and only after encryption, the unprotected file will be replaced with a SecureZIP file.

See how SecureZIP for DLP works »

  • SecureZIP for DLP Features

  • Streamlined process: Utilizing data encryption as a means to remediate files found through DLP inspection will not stop or break the information flow—productivity disruptions common with blocking, quarantining and deleting
  • Flexible solution SecureZIP for DLP can be used with user remediation, administrator remediation and automated remediation methods to support encryption as a response to DLP inspection alerts
  • Interoperable across all major computing platforms: Interoperable data encryption is a requirement today to ensure that data is protected wherever it is, wherever it goes and however it gets there. The most interoperable data encryption solution available is the PKWARE Solution. SecureZIP for DLP provides the only cross-platform strong data encryption solution that works natively from desktops to mainframes
  • Encrypts files with digital certificates: Data encryption relies on encryption keys to lock and unlock access to encrypted files. SecureZIP for DLP supports digital certificates
  • Maintains control of data: PKWARE’s unique 'Contingency Key' feature ensures recoverability of all encrypted data

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