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Press Release

PKWARE Announces Partnership with Innovation Network Technologies (InNet)

New Partnership Offers Strengthened IT Security and Data-Protection Solutions

MILWAUKEE, Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- PKWARE, a global leader in encryption software, today announced Innovation Network Technologies (InNet) as the latest addition to the PKWARE Channel Partner Program. Per the engagement, InNet will resell PKWARE's Smartcrypt product suite.

Since 2009, InNet has been providing industry-leading data center solutions for customers across multiple industries. The company has longstanding trusted relationships with Fortune 1000 customers, which will complement PKWARE's existing clientele.

"InNet's broad subject matter expertise in IT security solutions such as Oracle, FireEye and CheckPoint is the perfect match for PKWARE's encryption and data-protection products," said Rick Hofmann, vice president of North American Channels and Alliances. "We are pleased to announce this partnership and look forward to working together to deliver stronger offerings in protecting our customer's intellectual property, data, reputation and brand."

Per the agreement, InNet will work closely with PKWARE's Sales and Technical resources in the field. PKWARE will leverage InNet's professional services for assessments, design, configuration and implementation. In addition, PKWARE plans to use InNet's Storage Security and Optimization practice to identify where Smartcrypt may be appropriately applied to customer business challenges.

"PKWARE offers the latest advances in encryption and data protection. InNet is pleased to add PKWARE's innovative encryption solutions to our suite of enterprise class, best of breed, information security solutions."

PKWARE is a trusted leader in global business data protection. For three decades PKWARE has focused on data. Building on our compression expertise with the latest encryption technology, PKWARE protects data for over 35,000 customers, including government agencies and global corporations. Our software-defined solutions provide cost-effective and easy-to-implement protection that is transparent to end users and simple for IT to administer and control.

About InNet
InNet partners with customers to design, deploy, and support a full suite of advanced technology solutions focusing upon enterprise networks, information security, business continuity, storage, cloud migration, virtualization and performance monitoring. As one of the most trusted solution providers in the Central and Eastern USA, InNet brings many years of valuable experience from a myriad of customer perspectives working with leading enterprise and corporate customers to deliver technology that meets business objectives.

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