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Identities and Related Data

Business are required to keep up with an ever-changing privacy landscape, protecting the personally identifiable information they interact with. Meeting these requirements starts with understanding the organization's data as a whole, including indexing and correlating records based on specific criteria. PK Privacy gives organizations the power to automate data discovery and reporting mechanisms to assist with reducing the operational complications of privacy legislation.

Full Scope Protection

Control your company’s data privacy at the data, enterprise, and individual level with powerful PK Privacy engineering solutions, powered by Dataguise technology.

Icon designManage Data Subject
Access Requests (DSAR)

Automate the DSAR response process to meet requirements faster and on budget.

Icon designFind Data on
Identities Anywhere

Discovering sensitive data is at the root of meeting privacy requirements.

Icon designAutomatic Right
to be Forgotten

Create rules that will delete or redact sensitive data as soon as it is found.

Icon designEmploy Privacy
Enhancing Techniques

Enable pseudonymization, anonymization, and de-identification of private personal data.

Icon designThird-Party

Integrate our right-to-know discovery and right-to-erasure protection with your existing privacy management solution or IT service management.

Icon designScans That
Exceed Retention

Scan datasets to find data that can and/or should legally be archived or deleted due to age or lack of use.

Icon designDetect and Act
on Breaches

Detect and confirm breaches with monitoring, then accurately estimate and report on the breach’s impact.

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Built for Privacy

Not all discovery solutions can perform efficient right-to-know or data subject access requests. PKWARE provides a right-to-know discovery solution that indexes identities and the data about those identities. PK Privacy finds information across your enterprise with data stored on file servers, big data repositories, databases, endpoint devices, and across the enterprise.

by Design

Knowing where data resides is only the starting point. Organizations must also provide right-to-erasure or right-to-be-forgotten rules. Once PK Privacy discovers data, it can automatically encrypt, mask, redact, delete, or otherwise remediate personal information as requested.

Privacy Enforcement

Continuously monitor endpoints, servers, and enterprise solutions for privacy data so that when it’s time to respond to a DSAR, policies can be easily followed. If the data fits a defined pattern, the system can automatically initiate the next steps.

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PK Privacy in Action

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, our privacy engineering solutions are bundled with discovery, encryption, and masking solutions.
PK Privacy protects information in a variety of data stores including traditional relational databases and enterprise data warehouses, as well as non-relational big data sources (Hadoop) and file repositories (SharePoint and file shares).
PKWARE’s discovery passively gathers information about identities that is indexed, so we know the exact repositories where data is stored and the PII of that identity when a right-to-access request is provided.

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