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McAfee E-Business Server Replacement

In 2012, McAfee publicized the End-of-Life of its McAfee E-Business Server enterprise encryption product and has since announced a transition to a third party. McAfee no longer directly supports the McAfee E-Business Server product.

PKWARE SecureZIP eBusiness Edition provides companies with upgraded performance, reduced processing times and expanded capabilities over McAfee E-Business Server. Migration is simple and is based on the OpenPGP technology they already use, without compromising support options or risking any loss of security during migration. With SecureZIP eBusiness Edition, not only will companies leverage OpenPGP support to secure data movement inside and outside the enterprise and secure data archiving, but they will also benefit from reduced costs and the ability to enforce the use of security.

Migrating from McAfee E-Business Server to SecureZIP eBusiness Edition is easy.

  • No software changes are required for your partners/customers
  • Make and manage OpenPGP keys and keyring files
  • Encrypt, decrypt and sign using the OpenPGP format, just like McAfee E-Business Server
  • Use existing keyrings that were used with McAfee E-Business Server

Want to know more? Call 1-800-219-7290 or request a call from PKWARE today.

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