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Secure Data Exchange with Business Partners

For many organizations, ensuring files can be securely exchanged with external business partners and customers is a critical part of doing business. Unfortunately, multiple external business partners and customers results in multiple headaches and is often a barrier to doing business and increasing profitability.

Today’s computing environment involves a wide variety of computing platforms and operating systems, making file exchange with external partners and customers even more problematic. You need to ensure that information won’t be lost, stolen, or exposed once it leaves your network.

We understand that you face additional challenges when attempting to exchange data securely with business partners. There are more costs, use of resources, and disruption to existing processes. Even more, attempting to convince business partners to adopt your security policies is a daunting task.

SecureZIP PartnerLink is an advanced data-centric security solution that enables secure data exchange with business partners, avoiding the risks commonly associated with implementing security initiatives. SecureZIP PartnerLink allows you to extend your security policies without added infrastructure costs for you or your partners. It provides a risk-free solution works across all major enterprise computing platforms and is free to partners.    

Learn more about SecureZIP PartnerLink

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