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Reduce Mainframe Encryption Costs

It goes without saying: sensitive data must be protected, but there are ways to reduce the cost of data security. For organizations that are faced with doing more with less, reducing data center costs is imperative. Many organizations use non-native encryption software to protect their mainframe data; however, even for large organizations, these solutions are costly to maintain in these economic times.

PKWARE helps companies lower mainframe encryption costs by using significantly less CPU than non-native, Java and USS-based encryption solutions.

  • Reduce data center costs: Free up valuable CPU resources and avoid/delay CPU processor upgrades by leveraging a native encryption process built on a perpetual license model
  • Improve service delivery: Avoid the cost of missing SLAs while enabling additional business processing and minimizing the risk of a data breach
  • Increase profit: Reduce the total cost of encryption software and data center infrastructure costs while avoiding governance, risk and compliance costs
  • Improve business results: Reduce data center software and capacity charge-backs while alleviating costs associated with missing SLAs
  • Gain competitive advantage: Stand out from your competition by supporting multiple encryption formats and computing platforms and showing readiness for securely using the cloud

Success Story: Payment Processing Provider

As part of a cohesive enterprise strategy centered on data reduction and security, the Company consolidated three vendors to one. They calculated that the consolidation to the interoperable, multi-platform PKWARE solution will result in over $3 Million in savings compared to continuing to deploy point solutions. Read more.

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