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Where Sensitive Data Resides

Personal data is everywhere: on-premises and in the cloud, from file servers and databases to data warehouses and data lakes, to individual desktops and endpoints. Data is also shared among employees and partners, which means the same personal information may be stored in multiple repositories. Finding personal and sensitive data quickly, accurately, and completely is often more difficult than it appears.

Integrated Discovery for Improved Protection

Companies today gather so much data that it is virtually impossible to understand what sensitive data is in their possession without the help of an automated discovery solution. PKWARE and Dataguise have joined together to offer:

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Platform Support

Supported discovery for the most widely used data repositories.

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Run discovery scans continuously or scheduled at specific dates and times for different processes.

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Retention Policies

Create rules to classify, archive, delete, or move data based on data type, last accessed, age, and more.

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Discover on high volumes and/or high velocities of data.

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Find information that may be semantically ambiguous using context and machine learning.

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Hidden Data

Ensure sensitive data is continually identified as more data is amassed.

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Locate identifiers, pseudo-identifiers, and quasi-identifiers.

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of Error

Minimize false-positives andeliminate false-negatives.

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Scan for pre-defined or unique sensitive types, and collect unique counts of impacted identifiers for breach reporting

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Fast and Simple

No extensive integration or professional services work required to get started. PK Discovery doesn’t require a single line of code, and can deliver fine-grained and aggregated optics into what sensitive data you have and where it resides in minutes.

Integrate with

Knowing where data resides is a start. PK Discovery can find information stored on file servers, big data repositories, databases, endpoint devices, and across the enterprise. It then integrates with additional capabilities to encrypt, mask, redact, or otherwise remediate sensitive information.

Policy Enforcement

Continuously monitor endpoints, servers, and enterprise solutions for sensitive information. PK Discovery initiates regular scanning based on your organization’s definition of sensitive data. If the data fits a defined pattern, the system can automatically initiate the next steps.

PK Masking
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PK Discovery in Action

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. PK Discovery uses machine learning in instances where an expression is not enough, for instance in regard to managing global addresses with differing structures.
PK Discovery supports Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops, laptops, and servers, as well as wide platform support. While PK Discovery currently does not discover on mobile devices, PK Classify and PK Encryption are compatible with iOS and Android.

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