October 21, 2022

Cybersecurity for an Increasingly Risky World


Data breaches are typically defined by dollar amounts, but they’re not simply a cost problem. Nor are breaches only about the data. Instead, it’s about an organization’s ability to continue producing and selling their products and/or services. Combine this with the fact that breaches are inevitable and security is no longer solely IT’s jurisdiction but elevated to a business problem.

Watch this on-demand webinar where PKWARE CTO Jason Dobbs and guest Heidi Shey, Forrester analyst, discuss the inevitability of data breaches and what organizations can do to prepare. Topics will include:

  • The elevation of cybersecurity to a business issue, because cyber risk is business risk
  • How the seismic shift in working environments have impacted the level of security challenge
  • Reconsidering what exactly may constitute sensitive data

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