July 26, 2021

How To Maintain Data Compliance through De-Identification During AWS Migrations


Cloud data storage provides organizations with affordable, easily managed options for keeping and maintaining expanding data stores as their business grows, increasing not only productivity but also resiliency, service continuity, and business agility. Data from various structured and unstructured on-premises repositories are migrated to cloud storage platforms such as AWS daily. These migrations can help businesses leverage leading IaaS, disaster relief, and remote workstations. But such large-scale movement can incur risk of exposure for sensitive data, especially as numerous engineering and IT teams interact with the data during migration. And sending unaudited data to AWS’ secure cloud can create risk assessment concerns.

Security is AWS’ top priority, evidenced by their highly secure cloud computing environment. AWS then partners with organizations such as PKWARE to offer a range of tools and resources that can be leveraged to both build and implement security measures for meeting shared security responsibilities.

Join data experts Akshay Kumar from PKWARE along with Omar Hajsaleh, AWS Country Manager, Saudi Arabia, and Ahmed Abdel Hamid, AWS Security, MENA, on September 8 as they discuss how to safely navigate your AWS migration with the help of PKWARE, maintaining data compliance by de-identifying data as it is extracted and loaded within cloud data lakes and data warehouses.

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