January 18, 2022

Why Automation is the Key to Achieving and Maintaining PCI Compliance


As part of the rapid data environment modernization challenges that began in 2020, many organizations began migrating data to the cloud or building hybrid environments of cloud and on-prem. Cloud services such as AWS are already designated PCI DSS compliant. Data must be secured appropriately prior to cloud migration to adhere to shared responsibility models, while hybrid environments mean data could be stored in multiple disparate locations that must be remediated to achieve PCI DSS compliance. This need to locate and protect all cardholder data can shift focus away from other critical business priorities.

Join PKWARE subject matter experts and Tamara Astakhova from AWS on February 22 at 10 am CST to learn why adding automation to your security and governance stack is key for achieving and maintaining PCI compliance. They’ll share insight on:

  • Inherent challenges involved with data environment modernization
  • How shared responsibility models engage with regulatory compliance
  • Streamlining data compliance with automated data discovery and remediation

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