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PKZIP® Server

Server Compression Software

Servers provide the basis for sharing and moving information throughout the enterprise, as well as with external business partners. PKZIP Server provides data compression and file management to reduce file size, save valuable storage space, and reduce transmission times on UNIX®, Linux®, and Windows® servers.

Built on the familiar and reliable .ZIP standard, SecureZIP is the only data-centric security product that allows you to encrypt information on one computing platform and transfer it to any other computing platform in your environment. Click here to get the compression capabilities you’re looking for with added security.

PKZIP Server for Windows is available in Enterprise Edition only. All the enterprise features listed here are included with the product.

  • Create self-extracting ZIP archives: Create self-extracting ZIP archives that others can open on Windows desktops without installing additional software.
  • Integrates with FTP & SMTP: Provides automated delivery of files (distributes files automatically from servers to desktops)
  • Compress files to save bandwidth & storage space: Compresses files up to 95%, conserving bandwidth and storage space, including on backup tapes
  • Improve processing efficiencies: Stream data directly to and/or from applications without staging it to disk for more efficient and secure data transfer
  • Strong passphrase-based file protection: On Windows support for both AES and 3DES strong encryption protects valuable information. Files encrypted with PKZIP may be decrypted and extracted on all major enterprise computing platforms
  • Operates across all major enterprise computing platforms: Delivers cross-platform data portability across desktop, server, midrange, and mainframe environments
  • Error reporting for attended & unattended operations: Reports errors either to the standard Windows Event Log or through integration of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) with leading data center management applications

Application Integration

With Application Integration, data can be streamed directly in and out of applications. Without Application Integration, the ZIP file would be extracted and written to disk as a data file before it can be read by an application. Using Application Integration, this step is eliminated, improving operational efficiency by reducing the number of steps needed to process data.

Application Integration
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