SecureZIP PartnerLink

Secure data exchange with external partners

Ensuring business is done effectively and efficiently often involves exchanging information outside your network. And, exchanging information with multiple external business partners and customers often results in multiple headaches.

SecureZIP PartnerLink allows you to share information seamlessly with external locations and partners without affecting their budgets. Available at no cost to partners, SecureZIP PartnerLink increases partner adoption and acceptance while minimizing IT standardization costs.

cross platform Works across all major enterprise computing platforms:  Operates seamlessly across desktop, server, midrange, and mainframe environments
cross platform Leverages existing security investments:  Complements existing investments, adding another layer of security to ensure protection is persistent
cross platform Quick implementation for your partners:  Originating organization implements a full version of SecureZIP for a given server platform, enabling them to securely exchange information with any endpoint. Partners implement a free version of SecureZIP Partner on any supported computing platform, allowing them to send and receive encrypted data exclusively with their Sponsor
cross platform Cost effective:  Regardless of the number of partners, the price to the sponsor remains the same
cross platform Free to partners:  There is absolutely no software acquisition cost to partners
cross platform Rapid Deployment: Comprehensive security is operational in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months
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SecureZIP PartnerLink requires the sponsoring organization to have a full Enterprise Edition copy of SecureZIP on their chosen platform. SecureZIP is available to the sponsor on the following platforms:
  • Mainframe
  • Linux on System z
  • Midrange (i5/OS®)
  • Server (UNIX®/Linux®/Windows®)
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