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File Encryption Software for Windows Desktop

SecureZIP for Windows Desktop combines ZIP compression and strong encryption to deliver a data-centric security solution. It allows IT administrators to enforce security policies and ensure data availability to your organization. It helps address your daily data security challenges, including protecting sensitive data, meeting compliance requirements, and reducing overall costs and operational overhead.

SecureZIP Enterprise Features

Includes all SecureZIP standard features, plus...

  • Digital certificate: With license purchases up to 200 users, a digital certificate is included that will automatically install with the software.
  • Maintains control of data: Contingency Key function allows administrators to access any data processed within the desktop environment.
  • Enforces organizational security policies: Policy Manager function allows administrators to enforce security policies according to organizational requirements and best practices.
  • Automatically locate, retrieve & use certificates stored in common directories: LDAP directory support automatically locates, retrieves, and uses certificates stored in common directories such as Sun® iPlanet, Novell Netware®, and Microsoft Active Directory®
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SecureZIP Standard Features

  • Secure files anywhere Files remain secure no matter where they are storedon hard drives, CDs or DVDs, flash drives, or even online storage services
  • Integration with Microsoft Office through SaveSecure® Simply select “Save as SecureZIP File” to compress, encrypt, and save directly from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
  • Send & receive secure emails and attachments: Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows emails and attachments to be encrypted automatically. Ensure emails and attachments are only accessed by their intended recipient(s); and, if needed, encrypted emails can be forwarded without the need to download and resave files
  • Extend security to mobile devices: SecureZIP Reader extends the strong security and enterprise benefits of SecureZIP to mobile devices. It enables seamless user workflow on mobile devices while allowing IT Administrators to enforce policy and respond to an audit by having access to encrypted data sent to mobile devices
  • Encrypts files with passphrases, PKI, or both: Supports passphrase- and digital certificate-based encryption. Encrypt files using X.509 digital certificates issued from recognized certificate authorities such as Comodo®, Verisign®, Entrust®, Microsoft®, and OpenPGP keys
  • OpenPGP support: Easily share data with business partners regardless of the partners’ data security preference or computing platform
  • Compresses files in multiple formats: Compress files in several archive formats, including ZIP, TAR, BZ2, GZIP, UUEncode, XXEncode, Jar, OpenPGP, TAR BZIP2, and TAR GZIP
  • Decompresses files in multiple formats: Open (decompress) ZIP files, as well as TAR, JAR, BZ2, RAR, GZIP, CAB, LZH, LZMA, PPMd, UUEncode, XXEncode, and OpenPGP
  • Operates across all major enterprise computing platforms: Delivers cross-platform compatibility across desktop, server, midrange, and mainframe environments
  • Large file compression and encryption Compress and encrypt files that are over 9 exabytes in size.
  • Ensures Data Integrity Digital signatures ensure data integrity
  • Self-extracting files Users can create PKSFX® self-extracting ZIP files (for internal use only)
  • Encrypts file names: Names of files in a SecureZIP archive cannot be read until the archive is decrypted
  • Lossless compression: SecureZIP uses “lossless” compression so no original data is lost when a file is zipped
  • Supports smart cards/tokens: Support for smart cards and tokens enables users to apply an additional layer of data protection by storing a user’s private decryption key on a small portable device
  • Automatic file wiping: SecureZIP can be configured to overwrite deleted files, up to seven times, in accordance with NSA specifications to ensure deleted information cannot later be recovered
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